Ways of life, social context and fashion trends are some of the inspiring elements of Sofia Godinho. Based on three pillars - quality, originality and transparency - added to the effectiveness and speed of service, the brand develops versatile pieces that adapt to different styles of women from 18 to 80!

Although necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the main creations of all collections, various accessories are also designed or sold by other brands to complement the creator's proposals.

In terms of quality, the careful selection of materials is emphasized. From silver to a wide variety of semi-precious stones and natural elements to pearls, the certainty that the raw materials meet the brand's high levels of overrides any other criteria.

Regarding originality, this pillar is divided into two strands. On the one hand, under a certain classical tendency, pieces are created that are distinguished by details and that are imbued with a touch of innovation and sophistication. On the other hand, small quantities of each proposal are privileged, because, although they are not exclusive references, the uniqueness of the creations is valued!

Customer of the great ambition of wanting to offer different and reliable products, the commercialization of offers at competitive prices is also a fundamental guideline of the brand. We want our customers to feel that they buy valuable parts, but that the value they pay for them is above all affordable.

Because we believe that the product is important, but all that surrounds it is also, we strive for deliveries to be made in a short time, around 48 hours, and that the receipt of orders meets all the requirements of our customers.

Sofia Godinho is based on people and dedicated to people, trying to add a piece of satisfaction and glamor to all women who choose this brand for the composition of their looks!

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