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The year 2005 marks the birth of the Sofia Godinho brand that is dedicated to the creation of fashion accessories, highlighting necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

As a child, the creator, Sofia Godinho, exchanged long hours of play for beads and electric wires that embodied the necklaces she loved so much! But it is only later that this girlish passion has resumed when the author decides to start composing her own accessories. And their creations did not go unnoticed by family members or friends and co-workers who often asked them to replicate them!

It is thus that Sofia Godinho decides to proceed with the registration of the brand. His pieces will then be present in some exhibitions and integrate the commercial circuit through the supply of a store in Porto. Orders were increasing, the brand was gaining visibility and the author devoted more and more time to composing new accessories, researching materials and developing collections.

Five years later, on September 19, 2010, the brand creates a page on the social network Facebook and shortly thereafter, can win customers in all parts of mainland Portugal, the islands and even certain European countries. Although some pieces continue to be sold in certain fashion stores, the designer feels she was closer to her audience electronically.

Without losing the base references, which are based on combining the quality with the originality of the pieces with a touch of sophistication, the brand lauches, in 2014, its online store. That's why, with great pride, Sofia Godinho welcomes you to this space!

To those who have been with us longer, we would like to thank you for your trust. We work daily to improve our product offering, our service and our relationship with our customers.

We increasingly want to be a reference for the Modern Woman who, fearlessly and independently, chooses her way, her style and her way of life. We are with you on this journey!

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